6 thoughts on “Trump Faces MAGA Revolt Over Recent Endorsement

  1. Nothing new it seems like Trump has supported all the people who end up stabbing him in the back. Will he ever learn they will say what they know he wants to hear just to get his support, when they land the job they turn around and the true person comes out. they are democrat snakes in the grass. Trump you need to stop supporting people with your eyes and start turning on your brain and see the pages with in the book of lies they feed you/

  2. Not sure why Trump supports people who have, or end up backstabbing him,
    In real life, you’re lucky if you have more true friends than you can count on one hand.
    In the sewer world of American politics, you have even fewer!!

  3. Not sure I believe this since this is the site that ran with Trump saying things he didn’t about DeSantis. Whoever writes this s*** is always bashing Trump.

  4. Well whether it is true or not, I like Trump’s endorsement, as it may be one of several that strip away some of his support and help him to lose! When will the Trump hard core supporters realize he did not clean the swamp nearly as much as he became part of it!

    1. When will scumbags like you give it a rest. I support Trump and always will and he isn’t part of the swamp. You appear to be a whinny, petty liberal never stops blaming Trump. Good thing is, is I would support anyone you don’t and there are more like me than you.

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