3 thoughts on “Trump Booed by Supporters at an Arizona Rally

  1. You Leftist punks are too much; you never have anything good to say about (R) and never anything bad to say about(D)! I’m sure you had that same headline and story when “Killary Clinton” did the same thing! You’re a joke, just as with all of your WOLF-FOLK that believe your “stories” that are more like Fairy Tales! BAA, BAA, BAA…

    1. They were Trump supporters booing about the person he endorsed for Congress. Try reading the article before you start screaming. She probably isn’t dumb enough to fit in with the Trump camp.

  2. Let’s see, Hillary can move from Arkansas to New York immediately get elected to the senate, But Crane can’t move to Arizona And run for office without being called a carpetbagger!

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