6 thoughts on “Truck Driver Rams into Abortion Rights Demonstrators at Roe Rally

  1. i have a bad feeling about this whole thing…
    1. driver got tired of waiting on protesters blocking traffic…thought he could ease his way through and that protesters would give way to the vehicle…mistakenly…incorrectly…poor judgement…not motivated to murder.

    2. his driver side window was down…likely because he disagreed with the agenda of those blocking traffic and wanted to shout his own slogans, protesting their presense, agenda and traffic disruption…not motivated to murder.

    3. the protester that physically assaulted the driver, before any injuries occured, admits to reaching through the window and grabbing the steering wheel of the truck…she assaulted this man physically through his vehicle window and grabbed onto the steering wheel which made it impossible to control his vehicle, at that point, im sure the mans adrenaline was spiking and that under such physical assault and physical invasion of his safe space, cab of his truck, the man was certainly experiencing his own fight or flight response…which is autonomic and difficult to suppress by anyone…not motivation to murder…certainly a desire to survive.

    the incident is bad. people got hurt over a difference of opinion…fear, anger and disgust. just because the injured party declares the incident was motivated by a desire to murder, it does not become fact.
    this could easily have been orchestrated by protesters to sway public opinion…portraying conservatives as violent domestic terrorists…a “red flag op” if you will.

    beware…these are the same people that killed epstein to avoid exposure and the same ones that stole the election in a free republic…

  2. Was it a black pick-up with dark tinted windows and big azz tires?????
    Hey, the guy’s in a hurry….just like most pick-up drivers are. lol lol
    give him a break okay????

  3. Protesors blocking traffic not a good idea. A car against a human the car will win. No matter what you are protesting about.

  4. Hey, if these idiots want to play their stupid games, calling it a peaceful protest, they deserve whatever actions ensue. You can’t reason with stupid.

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