3 thoughts on “Texas Man Arrested For Killing Newborn Daughter

  1. “KTAB/KRBC reports Medina was sentenced to three years of probation in April for another family violence case”. This judge should be held responsible for giving this reprobate this sentence! Only when they are held accountable or if this should happen to one of their family members will real justice be rendered, WOKE-FOLK!

  2. He’s might not be guilty under reasonable of doubt. People shouldn’t keep having children when they can’t taken care of it.
    Children can causes a lot of problems from financially, emotionally and mentally. It just not so easy to raise a child nowadays.

    1. There is no excuse for abusing a child. That was a 8 WEEK OLD BABY. An innocent! A baby with no understanding or concept of someone saying “ be quiet” or “stop crying”. Who just wanted and needed comfort.

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