4 thoughts on “Teen Stops Russian Convoy with Toy Drone

  1. Congratulations Andrii Prograsa, you got a tremendously good brain. Wishing you a successful and healthy life.
    Be well, young hero.

  2. “Early days of the war”, you WOKE-FOLK keep deluding yourselves that Russia is losing because very shortly you will regret your deceitful ways when Russia decides to put the HAMMER – and SICKLE down upon “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA”! They will annihilate “US” – guaranteed! Judgment day looms for the killing of God’s little souls in the womb, you’ll see, fools!

  3. “Andrii Pokrasa, a 15-year-old boy…”.

    Gee, all of trumpie’s 5 kids are at least 16 years old.
    None of them have served a single day serving the country.
    Same with trumpie.
    Same with trumpie’s siblings.
    Same with trumpie’s father and mother.
    Same with trumpie’s uncles and aunts!

    Andrii Pokrasa, a 15-year-old boy…”.

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