5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Allows Jan. 6 House Panel to Access Trump White House Records

  1. Why doesn’t the Worthless SCOTUS Grant the Request of having Worthless Public I’d records of the January6, 2021 Insurrection and Roots . Oh ! No they don’t want to do that that would show that Piglosi , Planned , Plotted
    and indiced the Insurance to happen under duriction. Piglosi need to be Jailed awaiting Trial. But the SCOTUS would not do such a thing

  2. The Supreme Court is so packed with communist they are now a big part of the one world order agenda, they need to be dismantled they need to be put on trail for going against the Constitutional oath they said they would uphold, then executed for high treason against United States cuz if they break down this country anymore their lives are not going to be worth anything for the damage that they’re doing to the entire country.

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