13 thoughts on “States Race to Ban LGBTQ and Race Lessons in Public Schools

  1. Teaching a young child that he/she is “really” another gender other than the one they were born as is WRONG. You are what you are and that is a BIOLOGICAL fact! Great if you “feel” that you are another gender, but for God’s sake don’t tell a 3 or 4-year-old that they are “another gender and that is OK”. It’s NOT “OK” to mess with a child’s mind! Let them GROW UP first and then they can figure it out. Also teaching that this Country is “based on slavery and is racist” is a slap in the face to Democracy. You don’t see this “CRT” BS being taught in England or any other country do you? Then don’t teach it here… Socialism ISNT “compatible” with Democracy either, so stop trying to push it in our schools!

  2. Thank GOD we have groups of individuals who are standing up to the COMMUNIST school indoctrination program. Any teachers or professor’s pushing this CRAP should be banned from there EMPLOYMENT. AND those at the TOP need a jail cell.

    1. You know the funny thing is even Putin thinks what we are introducing into public schools is crazy and he has said so! He laughs at how US K-12 public schools are teaching kids to be transgender and racist. He thinks its the beginning of the end for the USA. In Russia, LGBTQ only exists in the prisons and graveyards! In Russia they teach math, science, language, music, etc. Maybe we need a Putin of our own!

  3. ThIs is what is needed, but ultimately, the teacher’s (propagandist’s) Unions must be removed entirely from the creating of curriculum. The subject matter that is the curriculum, should be chosen only by parents and the School Board. School Board members must have a family member in the school district, so that they have ‘skin in the game’. No more leftist politicians using a school board to corrupt kids and use their position as a stepping stone to high office.

  4. Good news that some states are taking steps to protect our children from unnecessary exposure to deviant and unnatural concepts in our public schools. Children in public schools should no more be indoctrinated in such lifestyles than to be indoctrinated in any particular religion. Where is the liberal protest against such indoctrination?

  5. It is not up to the schools to introduce some of these ideas into the minds of impressionable children. The parents should be the ones to have the discussion with their children on these matters. Don’t tell my child that because you are white you are a racist or that they could be a transgender or even gay. The school is suppose to be teaching the fundamentals with out trying to influence their thinking. If I had a child of school age, I would home school and keep them away from the crap they are trying to shove down the public’s throat.

  6. Funny thing, the guy saying lots of this is from Nova Scotia! He is a political science professor at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. The other guy is a sociology professor that has a Greek name, and you know how socialist the Greeks have become! So basically both of them are foreigners attempting to tell us that banning the teaching of transgenderism, LGBTQ, CRT, White Supremacy is wrong. Ok, teach it in your country and tell us how it all works out!

  7. Any communist indoctrinated teachers try to push their fake race theories on my kids , better teach them my truth when the white race is the actual on being discriminated against the most because we don’t vote for morons who give our money away to people who don’t belong here legally, pull your kids out of school send them privately or send them to people like Patriots who will educate them for free how about the real history of this great country not there woke dope version of it, collapse every corrupted government system that this satanic communist Democrat Party has been trying to use to destroy America.

  8. It’s about Time Somebody pulled their *ead out of their Rear Quarters ! To * ell with LGBTQ ! TOUCHY , SMELLY , FEELY and GROPE.

  9. These schools are doing nothing but pushing left wing propaganda to attack heterosexual white people. That’s what all this CRT and LGBQ or whatever it’s called is about.

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