8 thoughts on “Senior Man Charged for Threatening to Kidnap and Kill Donald Trump

  1. Fascist? He thinks Trump was a fascist? I believe it is Biden who is one. Biden wants to control us and tell us what to do. Trump never did that, he tried to do what was best for the American people instead of other countries. This guy must have a few screws loose.

    1. Look up Edward Bernays. Progressive phycologist from WWI. He used China’s brainwashing techniques on the USA and it works easier than you think.

  2. The only thing that is 71 year old communist piece of s*** can do is kidnap his dentures in a glass by the sink,he’s one of the fossil f#@ks that will be beaten to death by We the People for treason, in supporting communism in the last free country.

  3. I’m guessing the guy’s a Democrat? If he wants Biden to take his pension, then by all means Biden will. Once this man is in a bread line he’ll start to rethink everything really quick! Trump made us BETTER but Biden’s made us WORSE and a LAUGHINGSTOCK OF THE WORLD!

  4. Thomas welnicki ….. proof that once a democrat…..always a democrat!!!
    Remember, if you’re still a democrat when you’re old, then you don’t have a brain.

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