3 thoughts on “Senate Reaches Deal on Bipartisan Gun Package

  1. If Congress come to a Bipartisan Gun Deal then the Demand that Every DemoRat in Congress Turn in their Side Arms at the Doors.

  2. All the new laws won’t do a damn thing if they are not enforced! Most states have great gun laws but they fail to enforce them or even prosecute offenders.
    Best way to solve the problem is to enforce the laws and penalties and provide all states a central database to report to and screen from . Maybe it would close up some of the gaps.

  3. I think what is going on in this country now, all the friction and distrust, our elected officials letting and telling people it’s OK to get in peoples face on the streets, and the problems they have created need to take some of the blame for some of these people that flip out. All this money going to Ukraine is going to be a big waste too. The high cost to even survive is some thing to worry about and they take it out on who ever they can. We have laws on the books enforce them.

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