3 thoughts on “Senate GOP blocks Defense bill, throwing it into Limbo

  1. I think these people are like little kids, if I don’t get my way I won’t play. It is hard to know what the military needs, they need people who really want to do the right thing. We develop all these super weapons but can’t use them, we don’t want to upset anyone. Yet we let our people fight with obsolete stuff and then worry about doing things for other countries who don’t give a damn about us. The few who would help us are quickly shrinking with the leaders we have now, the top military fags are to worried about this stupid woke BS. Dump em all. I am glad I serve when I did.
    the old marine

  2. Too bad this isn’t Russia and we can execute the jackasses in the government if they don’t do their job just an idea I think it will work fine in this two-faced rat corrupt government of ours.

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