4 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani’s Ex Threatens $250 Thousand Lawsuit

  1. Why don t she suppose her self. I don t know why men have to keep supposing their x s for the rest of their life s. Get off their fat ass and fend for your self. You have a new boy friend for 3 yrs what more do you want.? SUPPOSE YOUR SELF>

    1. Some women are “takers” and not “givers” – – Judy is a TAKER and a vengeful one at that. Rudy is “down on his luck” at the moment, so she just wants to flatten him some more and make him a grease spot. Daresay she is a vengeful beeyotch!

  2. Leftist NGN, pouring it on again, what’s new? Hey Lefties, when if ever are you going to dish gossip with your Leftist masters – never, BAA, BAA, BAA!

  3. She looks like she needs a New Pimp. She looks like a STREET WALKER and aBAR FLY like the and Only AOC !.

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