27 thoughts on “Rep. Cawthorn Calls President Biden a ‘Geriatric Despot’ on House Floor

  1. Congrads to him. At least he tells it like it is. He just speaks what most Americans think of this bumbling idiot, a so-called President.

    1. Thank you for saying it how it is. Biden is an embarrassment to USA….DISGUSTING N TOTALLY INEPT!!!

    1. Thank you for saying it how it is. Biden is an embarrassment to USA….DISGUSTING N TOTALLY INEPT???!!!

  2. He is a republican and a trump supporter so you know automatically that he is stupid! He said Biden was playing fast and loose with our servicemen with no regard to the constitution. What does he think idiot trump did??? At least when Biden goes to a disaster area because of storms or other acts of nature he does more than show with a roll of paper towels!

    1. Because he’s Trump supporter he’s stupid? You call half of this country who voted for Trump stupid? Biden is a senile old man who doesn’t know where he is most of the time. Couldn’t even space time to go to the funerals of two cops who were killed by a criminal who had multiple wrapsheets Because most Democrats DA are so soft on crimes. He’s just a puppet to his handlers, be a potus in name only.

      1. Agree with your statement. Dems hatred for Trump overshadow the good he did for America. Too blind to see what was right in front of them. Now we are left with a puppet of a president that doesn’t have a clue.

    2. Dementia Jane Fuller , Take off Ur Rose Colored Glasses and see the Ture color of the World. Jane sounds like
      Three Year Old Kid in Wet Pants and IQ of 70. But it sounds like Trump was the BETTER POTUS with Beijing Dementia Joe coming in at the 100th Contestants spot

    3. Are you kidding me? Trump respected our military unlike any democrat they are all scum. I would guess you also didn’t have a problem with Obama the other pos leaving out men to die in Benghazi? Probably why you’re trying to defend the pos in the White House right now leaving Americans in Afghanistan. Democrats never accept responsibility for anything they do wrong but are quick to take credit for others accomplishments.
      Biden has not done anything in any disaster area the moron showed up at none of those people wanted that moron anywhere he did go which may have only been one place. I can tell you get your so called information from that garbage CNN. Not one word on your comment is true typical lying democrat.
      President Trump showed up for the people at any disaster and was welcomed by thousands something democrats will never have happen to them.

    4. You are an absolute idiot if you think that doddering ass idiot in the white house should be there

  3. We need more in representatives like Rep. Cawthorn in the House and Senate to stand up for this country and protect the constitution.

  4. The Young Man is so sincere and correct in fighting back. This sole spent his energy in battle for the rights of another Country to survive. Rep. Cawthoran deserves to respective for his views. Its unfortunate We the people do not have many more like him.

  5. The problem with stupid people is they don’t really know they are stupid. And dangerous.

    Reading these comments from T supporters supports this argument. They can’t spell, use proper word forms or show any respect for grammar. Just like T.
    You’re angry because your intellect has left you behind.

  6. Rep. Hawthorne , We The People know exactly what Beijing Joe is and all about. This Pertaining President doesn’t CARE about Our MILITARY and the American Taxpayer’s in this Country. ALL he knows and wants to do
    is to Destroy this Country , Constitution and the American People. Beijing Joe is a RACIST , FRAUD and a THUG.

  7. You know these people, Biden, Pelousy, Scmukster, (what’s happend to Nadler?), Schiff, Feinstein, Collins, Romney, McConnell, etc. are ‘career politicians’. Corrupted politicians, crosses both parties! They’ve sold their souls to Lucifer/the Devil. Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr., Biden & brother/family, The Clintons, etc, etc, etc.! . Kissing China’s ass for mega money, thinking they’re so above the law, no one would ever question their position/ethics. Absurd! Corrupt to the core! I believe, NOW, China, Russia, Iran, etc. are holding them hostage, threatening their family’s/kids, etc. lives. They’ve dug a pit out of their selfish greed, and are expecting ‘WE the people’, to bail them out. The Plandemic is a worldwide ‘smokeshow’…….to force us (WE the people) to pay for their corruption! They come with threats and intimidation. I come to you in the name of the Most High God. TODAY, you are dethroned and defeated, in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!

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  9. Trump’s social free speech media site Truth Social is launching Feb. 23, I suggest buy some stock. Stock was selling at 10.00 and even though they have not launched yet it has went to 40 bucks a share. I tried getting my Investor guy to buy 15,000.00 on google stock when they first started google…..and he talked me out of it. I would have been a multi millionaire. Little Jane Fuller pushing hate as usual….you cannot buy any stock. Welfare does not pay you enough or I should say the tax payer.

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