4 thoughts on “Popular Baptist Preacher Calls For Extreme Violence

  1. I don’t accept what this “preacher” says but what he or others who promote this violence doesn’t know is that GOD will take care of them all in HIS (God’s) TIME. This person and others who “call” themselves “preachers” are not preachers and that is a fact. I don’t condone violence nor the “alt” lifestyle that he’s basically foaming at the mouth about. I just let God deal with it and believe me, one day, God will… “Judge not, lest ye be judged” Matthew 7:1

  2. IT would do no good since all of govt is part of that type of lifestyle. Most all courts are accepting of it as well . Courts are even letting murders go with a slap on the wrist. There would be no justice. But I have to say one thing, Pedophiles are who mostly go after children – not so much the homosexuals but true they will probably eventually but it’s not their main goal like it is for the traffickers and pedophiles. Pedophiles are already suppose to get the death penalty – but it seems Trump has gone back on that with many deals. We were promised NO DEALS. But most of todays criminals of that pedo lot are getting deals instead of the death penalty that is the law that Trump made clear in the beginning. . ALL of it is a mental illness that cannot be treated. Only God can cure that illness. And HE has done so for a number of people who really wanted to change their life and handed it over to God to take care of. But we have free will and the person would need to make that choice. And God would know if they were serious about it or not. God knows the heart.

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