5 thoughts on “‘One of the Worst Cases I’ve Seen’: Mom and Siblings Killed 6-Year-Old Boy on His Birthday

  1. I would guess this so called mother has many kids I’m sure all with different dads. I notice nothing was mentioned about a father either very sad. I think they should put all of them into a cold shower until they die, nobody would miss them.

    1. I think I saw an *AFC podcast* with video showing the Father and the Father’s side of the Family very distraught. It seemed like the Dad really cared…he was without words. Who knows what the *little-guy* did that made them so angry…2 days angry?! WTH!? The mother shouldn’t have had him…

  2. Vile animals, that should be tortured to death,must be without a doubt a Democrat entitlement scumbag poor exucuse of a mother.

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