36 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez calls out Manchin for referring to her as ‘young lady’

    1. Yes I agree. She is dumber than dirt. She thinks she is hot stuff or something, can’t stand her comments….

      1. You are correct, she is such a useless piece of …., she should go back to tending bar. I love her she refers to herself as a woman who came from a poor background when in reality she came from an upper middle class family, and now she claims she is a woman of color! What a liar.

    2. She gets upset if you call her a Bimbo. But the truth must hurt. She is so shallow and as dumb as a box of rocks in my opinion. I would like to know where she gets her facts most of the time she make no sense.

    3. I’m appalled at the responses written in this blog!!
      I’m not aware of any of her previous responses but how about addressing her as “Representative “ like all the other officials?

      If any of you were in office you wouldn’t want comments like these stated about you? Would you?

  1. AOC is a disgusting witch of a twit that should have never been allowed to run for an office. She is severely brain damaged and incapable of forming complete ideas or intelligent statements to other humans.

      1. she should go back to being what she did best. that being a no body bar tender with no experience to make her smart enough to hold down her current job. We will be rid of her soon as the 2022 election is over and it does not mater if she is replaced by a democrat or a republican she needs to be gone.

  2. I think it was extremely respectful and quite nice for him to call her a young lady! If he had called her what 90% of the rest of the US Citizens would probably have done, then I could see her getting a little miffed over it. Probably would not been able to print that as it would have been X-ed out for being WAY TO X-rated!

    1. well I think the YOUNG LADY is much more then a YOUNG LADY. I think she is a nut trying to be important but just can not see how stupid and UN-informed she really is. She is in a class all her own which is about the lowest class in America.

  3. Well hecould have called you byyour real names B—h, C–t, or the bar maid she is. Get a clue AOC, GET THE HELL OUT OF POLITICS! This country doesn’t need liberal garbage like you causing chaos in our country!

  4. Rep Manchin is getting attacked on all sides of the left, he fears inflation, he fears national beat, he fears loss of state rights to congress, and most of all he is a patriot who loves his country and risked his position to protect her. The Democratic Party is run my loads of human waste like the communist in the squad and Pelosi and Schumer along with Soviet Union lover Sanders. Representative Manchin is tge real leader of that party who has been silenced by the leftest controlling it and the idiot followers. He is the moderate who can save that party, he is the only guy that can unite the American people since he is rational. I do not agree with his liberal policies, but I cannot help holding the deepest respect for him. He put America first and he deserves our love and respect. He should be a national leader, he is the bravest amongst that party that went absolutely evil, we must respect him as an honest opponent with resoect.

  5. Yeah she’s right she isn’t a lady more like a loud mouthed pig! Listening to her talk is impossible she never makes and sense just rambles pretending to say something worth listening to.

  6. AOC is an immature idiot! The blame lies with the people in her district who were dumb enough to vote for her.

  7. How about . . . “Dumber than a BOX of ROCKS”? That statement is TRUTH. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  8. Wow bunch of them dinners on this page she’s smarter than you give her credit for smarter than anybody that has anything to say on this page that’s for sure . And she is congresswoman not young lady to him and anyone else.

  9. young lady what a joke. should have been a no nothing bar fly, but then a bar fly would be a little smarter.

  10. Senator Manchin was just being overly nice and she is offended, she is neither young or nice so I’m sure he has figured that out now.

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