21 thoughts on “NFL Coach Fined $100,000 for Jan. 6 Comment

  1. So, as usual, the left DemoRATs narrative of “do as I say, not as I do” are being spawn by Rivera. Rivera is a very bias, politically partisan who is stating the NFL’s organization will not tolerate expressing opinions that differ his.

  2. When this coach does not see the significant difference, he had better stick to coaching , he has to be better at that than the decisions shown here in this article, attributed to him.

  3. If January 6th was to topple our government they would have gone in with guns and clubs and did a good job of it. The coaches words were right on. Some snowflakes got their feeling hurt so they fined him $100k. Sounds like he is in a left liberal town and organization that doesn’t like him speaking against their agenda……

    1. And you probably think SC Justice Thomas wife Ginni’s actions to over turn the 2020 election were Freedom of Speech too!

  4. It seems my opinion like the coaches was not along with the snowflake left agenda and hurt their feelings so my opinion was not submitted…

  5. Coach Del Rio is spot on with his original remarks, it was a dust up compared to the “summer of love.

  6. Rivera’s actions (against Del Rio truthful and not hateful comments) are Woke BS.

  7. Exactly how did Del Rios opinion hurt anyone? Ashli Babbitt was brutally murdered. The Capitol police officer was her judge, jury and executioner. No. What people did after George Floyd’s death wasn’t “peaceful protests”. The DNC unleashed mob rule on the Republic. Bailed out violent felons, arsonists, murderers. They want to “teat it down”. Their words, not mine. Noone attempted to overthrow the Government on Jan. 6th. And the violence and mayhem came from the left, the FBI.

  8. The NFL is going to run themselves into the GROUND, if they keep mixing politics, & sport. Fining Del-Rio is WRONG, We have this thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH ! That was his opinion,& Millions of people AGREE with him. They allow players to DISRESPECT the Great Flag of this Country, but free speech is not allowed.

  9. Hey coach Rivera…
    You’re a woke moron who hasn’t got a clue.
    Hey coach Del Rio…. You are 100% correct. Sadly Amerika is comprised of far too many woke morons like Rivera who spew babble and know only how to be politically correct and the heck with truth & fair play.

  10. Yeah for COACH JACK! His words are exactly right on. that is a ridiculous fine. FREE SPEECH! George Floyd was not a good person. Democrats never get punished. Just like Hillary. She should be in prison along with Hunter Biden for Treason.

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