5 thoughts on “Nasa Scientist Breaks Down in Tears at Protest

  1. The world tilts on its axis and that is what Truly is causing climate changes and it’s happened time and again since the Beginning. Get a grip!! And if you Believe in the Science as you Scientists claim….. Then Stop This Bull Sh*t. If anything is bad for our Air and climate it’s the Space Program! Every time a rocket goes up it breaks the Ozone Layer😈😈😈
    The Oceans and Seas are what you need to Take Care of!!!!

  2. This climate change thing is a real thing, but it is NOT natural from Mother Nature. It is definitely man-made! There are evil people that want 90% of the population dead and THEY are changing the weather to THEIR satisfaction. They are controlling HAARP and CERN which are weather machines along with the poisonous chemtrails all over the world in our skies. THEY want control of humans on earth. With most of the population dead, they want to control the ones who are still alive, making slaves of those that did not die and THEY have hidden cities underneath Earth’s crust for them to move into. They may or may not know that those cities are being decimated and will not be livable. In the end, the joke is on THEM. THEY will die, too!

  3. These pseudo scientists are the only ones who have been listened to for 50 years & have consistently refused debate with the thousands of real, uncompromised scientists around the world who have known from inception that man-made-warming is a total myth.

  4. Just what does this NASA “scientist” have to gain for pushing this nonsense. These people won’t debate normal, educated and thinking scientists. Almost 40 years ago Al Gore and his “scientists” said the east coast would be under water in 12 years. Then it was 20. An article I read on 11/20/2019
    Over 10 billion tons of ice and snow in Greenland melted in a 24-hour period, Danish researchers
    said Thursday.
    56% percent of Greenland’s surface experienced detectable surface melting Wednesday, according
    to Polar Portal, a polar statistics source run by Danish research institutions. The melting is related to
    the heat wave that has broken high-temperature records in Western European countries in recent
    days, as Greenland has seen temperatures 30 degrees above average this week, according to Discover
    Greenland experienced more melting Wednesday than any day since 2012, according to the
    Washington Post. 197 billion tons of water have poured into the Atlantic from Greenland in the
    month of July, according to Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist and glaciologist for the Danish
    Meteorological Institute.
    And I’ll say that I’ve not heard of one peep about ANY rise is sea level ANYWHERE!!!! Ya ever see ice melt in a glass of water?? It doesn’t rise.

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