6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Lands in Taiwan Despite Threats from China

  1. IF , the Country wasn’t already a Embarrassment on World the Stage this will put the FINAL Nail in it. 🐷 Piglosi thinks she’s Pretending President and she can do whatever she wishes just like Hidbiden. We can Only hope that she’s detained there for the Duration of her tour of Speaker. The Country would be better without her.

  2. Well, well, ‘Nancy the Nut’ “P-Lugosi” landed with her/it’s broom, good for her/it! You Leftists have no problem with her and her husband’s INSIDE TRADING, do you? You are never critical of your masters, are you? This blood-sucking witch, as with most other (D)emons deserve to be locked up but there is no justice in our third world banana republic anymore; only conservatives and (R) face scrutiny and INJUSTICE, fools of the totalitarian Left! BAA, BAA, BAA, we want Obaa, baa, ma, bleat the brainless sheeple of the bereft Left!

  3. Now she’s trying to stir up trouble outside of our country, being affected with “Trumpitis” makes her a danger not only to American, but to World peace too !! She should hop on her broom and fly to the moon !!

  4. Who does she think she is… GOD…. She is a ever so stupid for doing this against opinion…. IF anything happens to her,,, she Deserves it !!! She will be putting her soul in HELL, and that is the perfect place for it…

    I pray that there is not one American that will die from her decision !!!

  5. China is a sham itself. Their banks are on the verge of failure despite Biden kissing every cheek they show. Their military greatest feat is to drive vehicles in a straight line with no adversary and cheat. They steal our secrets with our universities help and the Democrats do everything to help them while taking bribes. The Americans are better than this and we need to vote the nitwits out of office and make them pay for their crimes. As for Pelosi..she is too goofy to worry about her travel.

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