21 thoughts on “MSNBC guest: Manchin and Sinema ‘are the white people Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about’

    1. All of the black folks I see on FOX news committing violent crimes like smash & grabs, assaults, pushing innocent people in front of moving subway trains, financial graft corruption while holding public office, rapes, homicides, theft, looting, etc., etc. are the black people crime statistics warn us about.

    2. It sure looks like that ZOMBIE ! And Dr. Martin Luther King was Waring US about the EVIL ONE in and around
      Hypocrites like the One’s on MSNBC , CNN , MSM , ABC , CBS and NBC. And they are the Ones that Shouldn’t
      Throw Rock’s at Glass Houses.

      1. I am so glad that you are an expert on the GOP. We are no more racists than the Democrats. Read your voting records.
        Don’t you guys ever sick of labeling everything & everybody? You are starting to look like a bunch of idiots.

      2. ” W ” wake the *ell up U worthless piece Donkey CRAP ! Only a Demo Demon has that kind of Intelligence and U R short by 2 Card of a FUL Deck.

  1. This person obviously has not educated himself on the contents of the so-called “voting rights” bill and how destructive it would be if it were passed. Manchin and Sinema are the only level-headed democrats in the bunch. Thank you God for putting these two people among the other super radicals who have only one objective and that is to gain total control of our government and federalize our voting procedure which would mean that the Republicans would never have the chance to win again…ever. Our country needs a big turnover to the right. The democrats have displayed their true colors.

    1. Your not smart enough to know that anyone can vote that wants to vote all you got to do is show I D you show I D to get on airplane get driver’s license what wrong with one to vote

  2. So this man must of vote for Biden when he made that remark ,if you don’t vote for me your not black,What would MLK say about that.

  3. All we need to make sure the voting in any election is unquestioned is to verify very voter is a citizen of the united states. Only citizens of the U S of A can vote for president. If a person is a legitimate voter they will have no problem showing proof. Getting state or federal monies or subsidies isn’t proof, as we all know about the monies being given to one and all illegal immigrants.there is enough time to go over voter registration roles to cull out dead,moved,duplicate and illegals etc. On the registration roles. There would be time to vet peopletodo this job. I am sure you would get many volunteers for this job. Have opposing parties do the checking. Also unless you show a doctors reason or out of district cause at the time of voting I feel no one should be allowed to vote by mail.voting is a privilege and tobe a little inconvenienced for this privilege is a small price to pay. Look up the word dystopia. By definition we are on the road to get there.

  4. He’s just another ni**er troublemaker who’s complaining because there are a lot of us who are fighting against he and the rest of the anti white racist commiecrats wanting to steal more elections.

  5. ” W ” wake the *ell up U worthless piece Donkey CRAP ! Only a Demo Demon has that kind of Intelligence and U R short by 2 Card of a FUL Deck.

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