5 thoughts on “Man kept as slave in shed for 40 years

  1. How in the world was this allowed to happen in this day and age? that poor man, The people that kept him there may they rot in hell. there had to be other people that new about this why didn’t someone come forward sooner. What about this man’s family did they not try and find him?

  2. “Swailes senior died in 2021 aged 81, shortly before standing trial.“ How was he tried if he was already dead?

      1. 40 years??????
        40 years and no one said or did anything??
        I’ll tell you, for being a small country, I think Great Britain has as many criminals, animal abusers, perverts and just plain old wackos as the U.S.
        AND THAT’s A LOT!!!!!

        1. Well my friend….all the great nations are going down the drain. The only difference our countries and the 3rd world countries is that we have more money.

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