17 thoughts on “Killed by her ‘daddy’- Jail for man who murdered two-year-old girl sat in her high chair

  1. 16 years, what a joke piece of shit needs to be beat to death so he’ll know what he did was wrong, eye for an eye, what ever happened to that!!!

  2. In Texas, he would have been beaten to death so bad that the prison officials would have a hard time trying to figure out WHAT the bloody, broken mass in front of them was at one time…

    1. I think he would thoroughly understand what he did about child. 16 years is not enough for killing a baby.

  3. I hope that before those angry prisoners get to him, that they make him suffer like he made little Grace suffer. This story put my stomach in knots. I hope every single day of his life, someone will inflict severe pain on him and not kill him. This bum probably didn’t even work as you see that Grace’s Mama had to go to work that day. He is a waste of oxygen.

    1. We need a follow up article on this POS after he’s in prison.
      I want to read about this POS getting his ass beat every day in prison.
      This lazy assed POS smoked dope everyday while his, gullible, dumbass girlfriend worked.
      Such a loser…. must be what attracted her to him!!!!

    1. Using the word “animal” to describe this human POS is an underserved insult to the four legged animals that have more sense and are better parents than a LOT of scumbag humans.

  4. The low life that killed an innocent child because he didn’t have his pot or cocaine makes me sick to my stomach and pain in my heart. May the little child rest in peace. I hope he rots in prison. However, on second thought, he won’t be there long enough to spoil. Such a frail sentence for a child killer.

  5. And everyone wants to make Cannabis legal , This is not a good thing. Just leads to other things. We as in America do not need these kind of drugs.

  6. I’m not trying to be mean, but does the mom hold any responsibility? She left her innocent child with a man she knew used. Are we to believe he never showed uncontrolled anger before this one instance? I’m proud she left to work, and I’m sure her childcare options were slim

  7. I killed this baby because I was high on cannabis. I killed my girlfriend because I ate a cannabis laced brownie. This is becoming a daily affair and our state governments do not care. To quote Justice Scalia “Where is the moral outcry?” The Supreme Court is now in a position to judge the value of human life. Let us pray that they come to the right conclusion.

  8. In Ohio he would be beaten to death the inmates would come after they hate crimes against children and women they would absolutely torture him!

  9. Spread the word in jail that he murdered a two year old ,a lot of those inmates may be convicted criminals but they have kids too, his ass the last about 5 minutes

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