10 thoughts on “Judge Slammed for Reversing Conviction Teen Rapist — Said 148 Days in Prison is ‘Plenty of Punishment’

  1. I do not believe any male Judge should preside over a woman’s rape case. How would the Judge feel if a woman raped him and a female Judge presided over his case? He would raise bloody hell! He shoud be sent to jail himself!

    1. Excellent point! As a male, I agree. And rape is never ok, no matter what kind of bad parenting! And why weren’t charges leveled on the parents who allowed alcohol to minors! He will do it again because he is now empowered!

  2. Without hearing all that evidence in this case the judge over stepped his authority and should be 4wmove from the bench. The young man needs consoling and jail time the young lady needs consoling as well and the parents need to be charged as well. This just a bad situation for all parties in volvled.

  3. Would this judge feel this way if it was his daughter that was raped? I doubt it but maybe this judge should have to take this man into his home and be responsible for him in every way. Judges like this should be charged and sent to prison what a scumbag!

  4. I hope the leftist liberal puke judges daughter gets raped by the same scumbag he let out, this judge is a real piece of s*** and should be removed permanently

  5. is this scum judge appointed for life? No more life appointment then they can be held accountable, thats whey they do it. or is he a liberal appointee and backed by obama and soros?

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