The mainstream media may have mostly ignored Donald Trump’s return to the rally stage this past weekend. But Jimmy Kimmel was not about to let the laughable performance go unremarked upon in his monologue Monday night.

“Speaking of angry people in a spin,” the host said, by way of transition from Kanye West to the former president, “Donald Trump is back on the road.” Noting that Trump “ranted for an hour and thirty-five minutes,” Kimmel said, “Maybe it’s me but the material, it’s just not working. It’s kind of like watching the Sex and the City reboot. It needs more Samantha or something.”

After joking about the bizarre list of items—including toasters—that were banned from the event, Kimmel said, “And then Fatty LaBelle himself took the stage to scream about being cheated out of the election and to lash out at all the networks who refuse to go along with that.”

“Not only did Trump play the hits, he rolled out new stuff too,” he added, “including a COVID conspiracy theory that is outlandish even by Donald Trump standards.” With that, he played a particularly disturbing clip of Trump telling his crowd that white people are being denied vaccines and forced to the “back of the line” to get medical help.

“I know that happened to me,” Kimmel joked. “Where does he even get this stuff? This is a man who hasn’t waited in a line since hot lunch in the fourth grade. White people are being sent to the back of the line?! I guess Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized at last.”