13 thoughts on “It’s Official: The Supreme Court Has Overturned Roe v. Wade

  1. PRAISE THE LORD! Sorry WOKE-FOLK, Devil worshippers that you are, you lost this one; now raise HELL and commit VIOLENT acts as your god demands of you soulless bastards that will reside in Hell unless you all have an epiphany!

    1. I agree with the decision but didn’t Jesus say we should not judge others! Or do you only listen to the things he said that favor your view and behavior?

      1. Wow! You really don’t know the Bible. Disgusting how that’s the one thing people like you cling to. You misinterpret judge not lest ye be judged. You are absolutely to be judged by the fruit you produce. It’s not any ones place to say where you will ultimately end up at the end of your life heaven or hell. But we are definitely told to judge on the fruit produced. Learn your bible before you try to blast someone.

        1. He called them devil worshippers and soulless bastards – these are Volatile Vess’es fruits coming from the mouth and keyboard. Yet Vess does not know them personally and if this is their fruits or not. Hence, he is judging a whole group of people based on his perception, not reality. Therefore my comment is valid and it is you that needs to learn.

          1. Pity you Tom, you WOKE-FOLF are a joke folk! Perception? you are the one that is out of focus, repent and see the light rather than living in the darkness that you choose, Lefty!

  2. This is the Will of God. Maybe now he won’t be so mad at the World . Thank you Justices. God Bless you all. There are No abortion Rights. It’s Murder. God help us alll. Forgive Us. Please Help us. Mjs

  3. Disgusting Pelosi talking about women’s rights being lost, More BS. What about the infant’s rights?
    Truth is Abortion has not been banned. Those who want an abortion will still legally get one. The people have not lost any rights, we have gained or recovered our right from the Federal Government to self-determination by the States, not Big Brother.

  4. When I see who these leftists are… the immaturity, the irresponsibility, the emotionally extremists that they are….
    One must ask, do we want more of these idiots?????

  5. No one is losing their right to an abortion just because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. All they did was send the decision back where it belongs out of the government’s hands and back to the states and the people. It’s about time that the people have a voice again.

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