55 thoughts on “Hollywood Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse’s Not Guilty Verdict

  1. So true.i live in Wisconsin and am ashamed of the injustice that was served.DISGUSTING TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!?

    1. I didn’t see any injustice and I also don’t know anyone who thought Kyle was guilty. These men made poor choices attacking others and got exactly what they were asking for.

      1. Remember that all the Libs, Left, Democrats, & jounalists that are screaming about travesty of justice are the same ones refusing to condemn Antifa& BLM for shooting & beating people, burning down buildings, & stealing millions of dollars worth of merchandise. What they have ti say isn’t worth spit.

        1. I have said that same thing! Oh that’s right they were afraid if they said anything to the people doing it, that it would become about race!

    2. I made an easy 500 on this. The rioters and looters were in the wrong and it was an easy outcome!!!! It’s about time, since the police (in these socialist towns)
      Won’t do anything to stop these criminals. We Americans know now that the law will back us and if we show up we can take legal action to stop these rioters and looters!!!

    3. I’m ashamed too that Wisconsin tolerates widespread rioting, looting, arson, destroying of private and public property.
      Your baby boomer generation should be ashamed of themselves for spawning such an ignorant, spoiled, self-entitled, uncaring generation of fascists.

    4. I’m ashamed too that Wisconsin tolerates widespread rioting, looting, arson, destroying of private and public property.
      Your baby boomer generation should be ashamed of themselves for spawning such an ignorant, spoiled, self-entitled, uncaring generation of fascists.

    5. The only disgusting thing I saw was Wisconsinites willingness to willingly accept rioting, looting, arson, destroying of private & public property.
      But then with young white wannabes…. their baby boomer parents never did teach morals.

  2. Who cares what you actors think, keep your opinions to your themselves. We the people, the common folk have opinions that are MORE important, with more good sense. You actors are actors not the real true common man with families, work ethics and the love of this country. You are selfish left wingers with NO brain or heart.

    1. Totally Agreed. Nobody with a clear sense of the law, especially in self-defense terms would disagree with the verdict. I wonder what their thoughts are about the Alec Baldwin shooting!

  3. According to these “has been “ “ Hollywood types” young Mr. Rittenhouse was suppose to let the looting fools kill him. The Jury got this right. These fools are letting a terrorist group ( BLM ) control their lives.

  4. I agree with the not guilty verdict! American people can rest easy! Justice prevailed, it’s about Time

  5. To all hollywood libtards, lacking BLM/Antifa/defund police supporters, coming to mind, the ill-thought word’s of Lebron James and of course our Brandon administration “How Do You Like Those Apples?”

  6. Who are these so called actors, I have never heard of them, of course I stopped having any thing to do with Hollywood a long time ago. They pretend to be something they are not and get where they belong. Remember it’s all make believe play your part, get your money and be happy you got a job, some other country and you would be in jail, are declared an enemy of the state. the old marine

    1. The only one I recognize by name is that Takei creep who used to be on Star Trek back in the mid ’60s. The others are probably washed up left wing phonies too.

  7. For once the criminal thugs were not glorified and the real victim, Kyle was justly found not guilty. Defending your self is not murder. If someone is trying to kill you , you must kill to stay alive.. If there had been a BLM thug involved Kyle would have been nailed to the cross and the thugs would have been glorified. I am glad the judge and the jury were not intimidated by the threats that occurred against them and did what was the right thing to do……Not Guilty

  8. Those who question the verdict are victims themselves for allowing the liberal “media” to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. Justice was SERVED and for those to call him a “murderer” CAN and SHOULD be sued for slander, starting with Sleepy Joe and the h** and then all of the media and those “broadcasters” like Joy and the rest of her group. BLM should be RUN out of this country…They started this mess.

    1. All these people who ran their leftist commi mouths need to lawyer up! Going to make Kyle a wealthy, young man.
      And I hope they start with fake president sleepy, creepy joe bite me #FJB

  9. Do NOT give a rat’s behinney what Hollyweird thinks of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict – nor virtually anything else. They live in their mansions, beachside estates, etc. with NO accountability nor contact with the likes of the THUGS that looted, killed and destroyed businesses — and PEOPLE in Kenosha and other places. WHY is it the Left always, always supports destruction, general thuggery perpetrated by their own, but not defense against same by ordinary citizens, of which very, very few are actually “white supremacists.?!?” Look in the mirror, Hollyweird, and know that despite all the plastic surgery, you are still (mostly) very, very ugly…

  10. Those that were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were threatening him and had been threatening others prior to that. Sometimes when you play with guns and run the streets rioting you end up threatening the wrong person and you lose. Kyle defended himself against criminals who thought they were invincible apparently they weren’t. This bs rioting by BLM and ANTIFA has to stop liberals are the only ones who want to encourage it and think Kyle is guilty. Nobody cares what these so called actors have to say they’re all either has beens or never were actors, seriously Patton Oswalt what a giant loser.

    1. Justice has prevailed! Now there is currently a Hollywood actor that needs to be Convicted of Murder, 100% his fault!

      1. Will have to see what happens if Alec is arrested and convicted. They will probably call it an injustice. Hollywood lives in LaLa land and have no idea what it is like to live in the real world.

  11. The video evidence l saw and the testimony of the man who admitted on the stand that he did indeed point his gun at Kyle says self defense to me. What would these Hollywood people do in the same situation? The jury made the right decision based on the evidence and l am stuñned at some of the hateful comments. The judge was fair and professional.. wish more were like him.

    1. Why was this young man there in the first place, and why did he bring an automatic assault rifle? He didn’t even live in the state. Had his mother drive him there and drop him off. Makes no sense to me.

  12. To the actors: Give up acting and find a real job. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, act.

    A jury of 12 peers looked carefully sat all the evidence and the applicable law.
    They decided UNANIMOUSLY that Rittenhouse was not guilty. Somebody has to stand up to the rioters and destroyers. Thank God for people like Rittenhouse.

  13. Alec Baldwin kills a woman that was no threat to him and Hollywood has got “Hoof and Mouth” disease. Kyle Rittenhouse kills two people that were trying to kill him. He was tried by 12 of his peers and found not guilty. Hollywood gets dysentery of the mouth and causes more division in this messed up country.

  14. Tell me what teenager travels to another state with an assault rifle with no intention of using it.

    1. You should ask the rioters the same question. I kept this gun at his friends house in Wisconsin regardless he legally owned this gun can those rioters say the same? God you liberals are pathetic losers always defending the guilty and want those who had good intentions like Kyle (he went to help with first aid and defend small business owners since someone had to) to rot in prison, you are seriously f’d up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dear Hollywood,
    You’re so full of yourselves that you fail to realize what it is you’re actually full of.

  16. Evidently, these ignorant hollyweird freaks actually believe anyone should just “lie down and let someone kill you”! I would dare any one of these mouthpieces to “lie down and let one of us go at them” – – with SERIOUS intent. Just how long do you believe they would really lay there and NOT put up a defensive fight?? HYPOCRITES of the first order!

  17. Why was this young man there in the first place, and why did he bring an automatic assault rifle? He didn’t even live in the state. Had his mother drive him there and drop him off. Makes no sense to me. If someone was near me with an AR rifle, I would feel threatened!

  18. The kid is innocent! Justice was served. The men he shot defending himself were thugs and would have killed him if he hadn’t fought back. Where is the justice for the victims of antifa and blm thugs who harm them? The hollyweird crowd needs to stfu and get a life! Better yet, perhaps the mobs of blm and antifa rioters should go after them, methinks their rhetoric would change when they are on the receiving end of those rioters.

  19. Justice was served. People who riot and destroy property and attack and kill people got what they deserved. Rittenhouse defended himself and we have a right to defend ourselves when attacked. If we don’t defend ourselves we could be the one killed or injured. The government or police won’t stop the rioters.

  20. Who cares what a bunch of coke snorting child molesting dirtbag Hollywood elitist pukes think, these are satanic government worshipping pukes who have no moral values who will joyfully rot in hell where they all belong in the end

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