7 thoughts on “Headless Human Torso Found in Bus Freezer as Police Search for Missing Woman

  1. What is it with these idiots. Decapitation? Dismemberment? You would assume they are in third world country of heathens. Disgusting rabid two legged animals.
    And the law will turn them. Loose.

    1. Decapitation and dismemberment gets rid of all forms of identification. My issue is that the police found a torso on his property in his bus in his freezer and did not charge him with at least not reporting a death, and improper handling of a human body? WTH is going on with the cops?

  2. We are turning into a third world country. Like Pelosi said Quote ” MS-13 Gang members are God’s children too. These are the types that would do this. The perp’s are the victims as far as the democrats are concerned that is why AOC and the progressive left want to shut down all prisons’. All they need is a hug and the Government to pay for their needs….the American tax payer actually will be paying for the criminal’s and if you reject that? They will call you racist and will destroy you!

  3. Arrested on multiple drug charges. I get it they can’t charge him for her death yet since they aren’t sure if it’s her, but he still had a decapitated human torso in his freezer. I would think that’s still illegal, I’d hope so anyways.

  4. Having close friends from El Salvador, the MS-13 doesn’t kill just to kill and it is usually within the gang itself. The cops are charging him with the harshest charges they can at this point; once an autopsy & DNA test are done, I am sure he will be charged accordingly. The biggest problem we have in this country is that once a killer is caught; we give him too many rights. I feel that once a killer is found guilty, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he should be put to death and not given to the scientist’ to figure him/her out. Self-defense cases should be handled differently altogether. We are seeing a lot of decapitations and dismemberments these days which shows that we are no longer better than any other country and yet, we are letting killers out by the handfuls. I think that if child molesters have to be on a registry so all can see, so should killers. How else are we able to be protect ourselves?

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