4 thoughts on “Harvard to Give $100 Million for Slavery Reparations

  1. No one should be donating a penny to Harvard if they have enough money to do this. Another racist move by a public university. No money from the government either.

    1. Civil War was basically Democrats (pro-slavery) against Republicans (anti-slavery). Will the reparations extend to the northerners who fought and either died or were named?
      Harvard has billions in their endowment, what’s a hundred million – hey Harvard put in a meaningful amount – say80% of your endowment!

  2. Slaves have been dead for 100 years and their descendants are in a land where opportunities are 100 times better than where they originated. They should be thankful for the suffering of their ancestors that gave them the great opportunities they have in America, instead of bitching about a deprivation so far removed from their experience. As I understand it, they have at times been offered repatriation money to go back to Africa, but NOT One has ever chosen that route, hence they need no incentive to stay in the land of opportunity. They just need to apply themselves to study & hard work, then there is no difference between them & any other colour.

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