13 thoughts on “Girl, 14, Lures Boy, 13, to His Death

      1. Think about this if they can PLAN this at this age think what they will do when they get out of Juvenile & regular jail & have been instructed how to do worse stuff

  1. The girl should be held responsible for her role in the murder. They should all 3 receive life sentences without the possibility of parole

  2. They should get life without parole. They are demonic and will never change. She knew what was going to happen and she was pumped about it. There’s no changing that behavior. She will not be reformed. Neither will the males. All three deserve life for murdering a beautiful child. Olly, you beautiful child, are now with God and never have to feel the evils of this trash world any longer. You precious babe!

  3. I’m speechless wtf goes through teenagers minds at 66 yo I cannot process this , it’s unimaginable

  4. They all deserve life with no parole for what they did to an innocent child.

  5. The replies seem hateful and full of revenge. What the three did is horrible. We as Christians are instructed to love everyone. How is that possible in view of their behavior? We forget that Satan is a liar and deceiver. Satan deceived the three and somehow convinced the three that what they did was to their benefit. We can love all of them if we face the fact that all were victims of Satan” lies. We must be careful not to also become victims of Satan’ lies and hate the victims not the deceiver.

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