4 thoughts on “Former GOP operative lashes out at Florida Republicans’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

  1. These morons need to get out of politics. The INTENT of the law is clear.

    Poster child for Term Limits. For elected and non elected alike.

  2. This op/Ed is wrong on so many levels it does a real disservice to your readers.
    First of all, the monitor “Don’t say gay” was invented by the allegedly impartial corporate propaganda media. So now, the members of the CPM have jumped on board like lemmings.
    Our children deserve protection against LGBT “recruitment efforts “ of the impressionable .

    1. I agree James. So why not call it the “Anti-LGBTQ Recruitment Bill” ? And create a small bill to detail what is considered LGBTQ oriented activities.

  3. The gays should be in the “closet” when teaching young immature children. They should not be able to negatively influence young minds. Teaching about gays should be done in the child’s home by their parents when age appropriate. School should be about teaching young children reading, writing, and math and we would all be better off. God bless America.

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