1 thought on “Family Sues Hospital for Racism over C-Section Death

  1. Go pound salt, you racist troublemaker! This is occurring not because of racism, fool, but because of the WOKE LEFT lowering the standards of our education system: 2+2 = 5 Johnny; kat spells cat – ebonics – Johnny; doing away with the SAT scores, Johnny; everyone is a winner and deserves a trophy, Johnny! The bereft Left cleverly uses racism to take down what is little left of this third world banana $HIT-HOLE! All you WOKE-FOLK that believe this leftist propaganda will rue the day for having done so but I realize most of the dumbed-down, drugged-up, PC bullied and brainwashed are so dumb that you can’t comprehend the reality of what I have just written! You will pay dearly with your freedom for being so stupid, like this provocateur (look up the word, WOKE-FOLK!

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