3 thoughts on “Evil Babysitter Kills Infant

  1. So, I guess BLM only when they are killed for resisting arrest after having committed a crime, “RIGHT”? When they are taken murderously by their own it is hidden from “Lamestream” propagandists of the Left – such hypocrites they are and the sheeple of the Left buy into their propaganda, the fools that they are!

  2. All races and creeds commit murder, atrocities, what ever the name applied to it…but as far as the this BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLK) sarcastic comment…where one want to take away the validity of this specific issue …of its real content; but…(less the good ones…who wasn’t goin to have organized slavery) The all of them in it together; jealous, history lacking cultural rapist, lying, conniving Europeans; who organized and instituted a particularly cruel form of slavery…for example…making book covers out of our skin, burying men in the sand and playing golf with their heads, sodomizing boy children of interest, and the list goes on. Black people have been used and abused in Africa as well as the United States. For starters… read up on “KING LEOPOLD” and the Congo. Former President Trump referred to Africa as a shit hole…forgetting about what the Germans and descendants of them and their admixtures stole and did, and still do to African people. The sad thing is …after all this acclamation we are loosing in our nature, what we use to deem as TABOO. We are loosing our minds. However, I am appreciative the USA anti Lynching Act, though just signed…Thank God is official 2022.🤔 Yea BLM.

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