2 thoughts on “Drunk Daycare Owner Charged with Infant’s Death

  1. Every one in this… seems like… god forsaken, war torn, we want every bodies land and natural resources, money hungry centered, all in it together big brother world…has…either one, or in a combination…common place or abhorrent physical ill, or mental ill facilitated by the so called civilized world; in of the cutie pied civilized society and new world order. IT IS THE CHILDREN THAT ARE THE FIRST LINE SUFFERERS ALWAYS! I hope the government changes the system… this cliché in my understanding would involve OUR CREATOR…and through JESUS in his principals that our creator had bestowed upon him thousands of years ago…and we???? ain’t got it right yet!…don’t care could care less, don’t need…science this and science that…competition with god…know it all…inventors of MASS destruction…gotta get to the moon plus leave trash in the heavens as we install more🤠…yadda yadda yadda. Even I have a drink every now and then; when before I never drank. Ice cream use to be my high. That “sad behind” women’s mind was hurting. One should be nice, but must also possess a strong mental integrity. Why in the world did she choose daycare in the first place? Happened again. (though not like in the movie of this title) “SMALL SACRIFICES”😔

    1. wow…ive never actually read a comment that was absolutely impossible to understand.

      until now.

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