13 thoughts on “Donors Threaten to Cut Off Sinema

  1. This is yet another example of why we have the best politicians money can buy in this once-great nation. I wonder what would happen if we legally prohibited the donations, the SuperPacs and all the other ways the wealthy can purchase politicians of their choice. Would they go back to buying people’s votes directly, like they did in the past?

    1. I believe you know the answer to the question you posed. The only difference is that this time they would have to be much more conscientious about disguising the “buys” and “laundering” what’s offered to consummate a “buy”.

  2. I think the bullying tactics are reprehensible. This
    person is standing up with Joe Manchkin to
    save this country. Those two along
    with Tulsi Gabbard are the true class of
    the Democratic party.
    Tulsa Habbard was the only good candidate you had.
    Being a Democrat or a Republican is nothing more than
    party affiliation. Being an American is a gift we should cherish along with
    secure elections and
    Voter ID.
    The Democrats want to steal the elections

    1. Speak softly and carry a big stick! Timber!
      Thanks for exchanging the hammer for a
      Massive falling tree in the forest! Some just don’t hear the echoes from their own voice!
      Sinema & Manchin joy only poses common sense! They are both representatives of give me that Old Time Democrat Party”! I left the Democratic Party when the true diehards abandoned the respectable party!
      They are both wanted in the ZRepublican Party! They would not lack for votes, nor
      Donations! Ya’ll come aboard! Please God!

  3. Most Democrat donors are seditionists that are pushing for socialist takeover of America so nobody cares what they want anymore. Go kiss Soros and whine some more.

  4. Democrats are scum. I know that I wish they couldn’t get the massive donations they do. It’s all wasted on stupid misleading commercials they run back to back. Nobody should need this kind of money and butt kissing to run for an office.

  5. I don’t think she’ll suffer much from those few donors. She’ll easily win re-election. Even some Republicans will probably vote for her. Long-term, she would be safer as a Republican, unless she’s too liberal for most to continue to support her.

  6. She, along with Manchin, must switch parties. Their’s isn’t giving them the freedom to vote according to their conscience. Perhaps, Republican voters should financially support them and encourage them to switch.

  7. The Senate was created for bipartisanship, especially when one party has a very small majority. Schumer should be reaching across the aisle to include Republicans in the creation of proposed legislation. Instead the Democrats are trying to bully their fellow Senators into supporting bills that are only good for Democrat politicians and not for the good of their constituents nor the country.
    Arizona and West Virginia are fortunate to have pro-constituent Senators.
    Let’s Go Brandon

  8. Defy the Communists Democratic party I’m sure the Republicans being such a good-hearted America loving people will find a place for you in our organization

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