8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Under DOJ Criminal Investigation

  1. The DOJ would have to file charges against 90% of the nation for wanting to overturn the 2020 election. Everyone knows that it was rigged from the go and should be de-certified and install Trump to the presidency….

    1. Majority of Americans do not think it was rigged nor do many in the GOP. Now go back under your rock!

  2. Wow!!! All these so called interviews and questionings and still not able to make anything stick. Maybe because it’s garbage and the Democrats were the real ones scheming to say Biden won instead of Trump.

  3. Why in the hell don’t they spend all this time and money where it will do some good. We all know the reason for this they are all afraid Trump will run and win in 2024 and they don’t know if they can cheat again because people will be watching now. The country has gone to hell and they spend assets on crap, if you want to lock someone up start on this administration everyone of them is guilty of something. How do they stand to look in the mirror? What a sham.

  4. When Philadelphia had more ballots cast than voters and electors in Michigan were pressured into voting to certify their election when they knew the ballot count was out of balance, and we had foreign actors breaking into data bases in October and the percentage of voter turn out exceeded any norms, and he won 18 of 19 bell weather locations but didn’t win as had always been historically done by every candidate. If President Trump believed that the election was impacted by illegal actions he has an obligation as President to protect the United States under the constitution from attacks foreign or domestic. I believe he believed there was evidence sufficient to question the fact that the election was not legally run.

  5. What’s all this about ? DOJ itself falling apart from Communist China introduction our societies wrongfully bring down US by corrupted party’s something big governmental bureaucracy since Clinton in charged it’s not rough decency of crimes for justices department to investigate themselves clear it out their political’s misconduct entirely flips our righteousness leadership accuses right hands man applaud citing criminals to protect US values what a sad stories for the century to coverups themselves for corrupted officials must overturn immediately let Americans peoples regaining confidence further trusting our department of Justice in a glance !

  6. TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it LEFTIES! It is so obvious that it was but since we have COMMUNIST REPROBATES running this THIRD WORLD BANANA REPUBLIC $HIT-HOLE and USEFUL, IDIOTIC SYCOPHANTS like NGN and the rest of the FAKE MEDIA dispensing lies such as this it is no wonder why I cry: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – it always is against TYRANNY! WTFU,

  7. Garland does NOTHING but go after TRUMP. He gets paid handsomely to do a job and is derelict of duty as he only goes after Trump and does NOTHING else.

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