4 thoughts on “Did Mitch McConnell REALLY mean Black people aren’t Americans?

  1. I find nothing wrong with McConnell’s statement. He said African American voters and then American voters. Nothing was said about skin color. There are white African Americans. He wasn’t implying a damn thing.

  2. As much as I can’t stand Mitch McConnell and I think he’s a two-faced traitor, he’s a hundred percent correct on this, that’s all I hear Blacks say that this is not their country but yet they sit here and suck all the entitlements they can, they also are the one group of Americans that vote against the Republic which are the people who freed them when they were enslaved here by their own people, they’re ungrateful and disrespectful to the flag to a country that gave them so much, from the people who got nothing and worked hard to be here, you might be an idiot traitor McConnell but he’s right on this one, probably the only time he’s been right.

  3. I don’t like McConnell either but I do think he didn’t mean what they are implying. This trying to over analyze like people of all races don’t misspeak or say something that could have been said better is what’s dividing this country.

  4. McConnell is a big dufus but All he meant was that African Americans vote as often as any American. god people are so quick to try and make something out of nothing. Now on the other hand Joe Biden is a true racist. There are plenty of proof in past videos of his. Why don’t we broadcast that and be so offended? the truth is that these people aren’t offended. it’s likely that most of them wouldn’t even have known about the gaffe if CNN hadn’t told them to be offended by it.

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