4 thoughts on “Did Ivanka Trump Lie Under Oath?

  1. so what is the big deal, A from some defunk commmitte wanting to make a splash and attack the trump family, ONCE AGAIN,,over a party?? WTF?

  2. So what is the big deal?? Once again, some defunk low life committee wants to embarass and stur the pot on the Trumps!! Get a life Mother Jones,,,Who cares? is this the best reporting u can do??

  3. WOKE-FOLK NGN at it again: when are you going to go after “Killary” Clinton with the same ferocity as you do with the Republicans, that is a rhetorical question of course be because I already know the answer – NEVER!

  4. Please folks, the Jan. 6th investigation is a joke. Think, gas high, interest rates up, inflation, products sitting in the harbor, everything the Democrats touch, our Military isn’t up to par, and all they got is Jan. 6th? Vote all Red and save our beautiful America before it’s to late. We are at a point where it can happen fast just like Venezuela, it happened over a 2 year period. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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