3 thoughts on ““Carbon Bombs” Set to Trigger Catastrophic Climate Breakdown

  1. Bull crap we have been hearing this crap for over twenty years we are still here and still breathing it’s all a scam for more money from the people so these climates nuts can live a good life off the backs of citizens man does not control the climate never has never will

  2. PUCK,PUCK,PUCK… Chicken Little sounds off for the NWO-ists and their plan of depopulation! When are you WOKE-FOLK going to see the light, apparently never or you wouldn’t buy in to this NWO BS! FU, Guterress, I have to laugh because where he/it and the rest of the (D)emonic psychopaths will be residing if they don’t repent will be a “HELL” of a lot hotter than planet earth! Keep buying into their lies, fools!

  3. I’d like to think Alex is not as naïve as he sounds but I’m sure he is. Amazing what a large percentage fall victim to every scam the globalists perpetrate. I’m certain they will all be triple vaxxed & with a 5 year life span, but they will only believe it when they keel over. Meanwhile, we the resistance must fan the sceptic flames because we know we are right, & I bet none of us have any Covid affects because we are not stupid enough to welcome death shots.

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