8 thoughts on “Attorney General Stops Bill Gates from Farmland Purchase

  1. GOOD stop this liberal ass hole he is a danger to our country .He is trying to take over all our civil liberties I don’t trust this man (perhaps his wife knows more than she is saying ). He was involved with Epstein on pedophile island .He and Epstein were working in an attempt to create the supper race , sounds like Hitler rhetoric . He also is involved with Faucci and forcing the Covit drug on the people also our children . Dangerous MANHIS $$$$ has gone to his sick head.

  2. What our world needs is more conservative deep dive journalists to elaborate more on stories like this or those related to this. For example is it too hard to find out exactly what Gates is using this particular property for now as well as the other land in his domain? Thanks and good luck on any further searches.

  3. Billy boy’s ONLY purpose, for purchasing all this farmland is to PREVENT American Farmers from growing and producing food to feed the nation; part of his ugly, perverted “depopulation” plans, right behind his drive to kill US off with poisonous vaccines. In case you did not know, billy boy IS A COMMUNIST, just like his daddy, John. The latter just happens to be a board member of planned parenthood (baby killers of the world). A report, released not long ago, by billy’s former family physician, stated bill would NOT allow his own children to be vaccinated for anything and they all grew to be “healthy adults” – – does that not tell you “something”??

    1. Oh, the reason I do not capitalize billy’s name – -I use “lower case” for low lifes!

  4. The underlying motive for all Gates does is linked to the WEF depopulation agenda. All the farm & supply disruptions & the taking of American land from farming are moves to create hunger & ultimately famine & death. Same with the vax which he publicly said coud depopulate by 10 to 15%. Privately we know 7 billion is the true number of “useless mouths” to be depopulated. Interesting that the Democrats support everything Gates does, not realising that these imbeciles will be in the front line for extermination.

  5. Perhaps he could go to China and preach his depopulation c@@p to them…at the least, he would disappear and never be heard or seen again…just a thought!

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