3 thoughts on “Are Scientists Secretly Creating Monkey Super Soldiers?

  1. Well that sounds like something out of the past as it resembels he planet of the apes a fictional story but truth is also stranger than fiction.Here is to good healt to every one.

  2. Duh, you think? WTFU NGN and the WOKE-FOLK, you’re being played as the fools that you are! It isn’t a conspiracy theory, just a conspiracy that the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls a.k.a. [D]emon-cRATS and RINOS are out to destroy civilization, except for them of course, because the dumb-[m]asses are using up earth’s resources which are to be allocated for only them! WTFU! Too many sheeple have taken the “Jab of the Beast” and can’t think or act straight! Now there is an epidemic of children getting hepatitis and these same demonic entities are trying to lay the blame elsewhere! You leftist WOKE-FOLK are suicidal idiots!

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