7 thoughts on “Anonymous Sends Warning to US Supreme Court

  1. That’s the demonic Left for you; I say it’s way past time for the squaring off of the cowardly bullies against the patriots! This bullying by the satanic Left needs to be stopped ASAP!

    1. Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch a couple of chapters of the Hells Angels wail all of over these pieces of crap in the middle of some downtown!!!!!

  2. It’s ALL back by the DNCC , BLM , ANITFA , SCHIFF , PIGLOSI , SCHUMER , WATER’S and the Democratic Parasites of the Beijing Joey and his FAKE Administration.

  3. I think it’s time to lock them all up, Antifa and tis administration as Antifa takes their orders from the demoncraps! Time to fight back and rid our country of these demon, satanic worshippers!

  4. Hey anonymous, go f yourselves.
    Wouldn’t we love to see all of these knuckleheads gathered in the middle of some downtown area….
    And while they are looting and burning…. let several chapters of Hells Angels block
    all streets and exit routes. Pull back all the police. And tell every Hells Angel to go have some fun, we’ll be back in 2 hours.

  5. The picture of the devil fits this bunch of cowards for sure, killing the unborn has never been moral or just, it is just plain murder!

  6. Why the Hells Angels? Why aren’t we taking back our country? Get out and vote. Watch out for our election this time. You see something wrong report it loud and clear. Zuckerberg stole the last election let’s not let that happen again. Antifa BLM can be defeated just by showing up. Fire with fire

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