The politician and his wife of nearly 30 years, Chirlane McCray, announced their trial separation in July, revealing they would pursue other romantic options while still living under the same roof in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. It was noted they were not planning to divorce.

As promised, it appears he is already back on the dating scene.

The father of two and his new flame had their arms wrapped around each other this past week, getting caught in a “heated makeout session.”

His date was also seen resting her head on his shoulder during their amorous display.

Blasio and his “age-appropriate” mystery woman, according to the tipsters, went mostly unnoticed at the local hotspot.

“No one here — none of my coworkers — know who Bill De Blasio is,” a server at the restaurant told The New York Post, which obtained the photos, claiming the duo had frequented the place and were “here at least three times a week.”

“She dresses very political-y too,” the worker spilled, hinting that she may have a government job. “He’s always here, but no one even knows it’s him … And he’s always with her, but it’s new.”

They appeared to be having a ball at the West 63rd Street bar in Manhattan, staying there for at least three hours and not hiding their desire for each other from nearby fellow diners.

As for why de Blasio and McCray called it quits, he reasoned that his career played a big role.

“Everything was this overwhelming schedule, this sort of series of tasks,” de Blasio told the New York Times. “And that kind of took away a little bit of our soul.”

The exes married in 1994 and share two children together.

“I can look back now and say, ‘Here were these inflection points where we should have been saying something to each other,'” he shared in hindsight. “And I think one of the things I should have said more is: ‘Are you happy? What will make you happy? What’s missing in your life?'”

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