Shocking video shows the moment a woman is thrown from an amusement park ride in Olinda, Brazil.

The woman, 34, fell when her chair on the carousel came loose while spinning at a high speed on Friday.

She reportedly suffered body fractures and a traumatic brain injury, and is in serious medical condition at Hospital da Restauracao with severe head trauma.

According to Brazilian news outlet Pernambuco, the victim is Davine Muniz Cordeiro, an English teacher who lives in the south zone of Recife.

Posts shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, show authorized personnel from the site coming to the aid of the young woman immediately after the incident.

The incident was caused after the chair on the ‘Wave Swinger’ ride came loose unexpectedly.

After the incident, the park was immediately closed by authorities and the city council.

Family members have said that Cordeiro will undergo a procedure to control her intracranial pressure in the ICU.

Ricardo Lima, one of Cordeiro’s cousins, said at a press conference on Sunday that the teacher’s clinical condition is now stable and the family is negotiating with the park to transfer her to a private hospital.

Lima said: “This is one of those hospitals that treat highly complex patients, but later, God willing, if she gets better and needs to leave the ICU, then we’ll feel the deficiency.

“That’s why we accepted this transfer, and it will be very good, as long as it has the support of equipment and personnel.”

Mirabilandia said they would transfer the patient and offer all necessary health support.


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