Pentagon Bans Drag Show After GOP Pressure (VIDEO)

Defense Department officials, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, have halted a drag show scheduled for this past Thursday at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

While the event had initially received approval from Air Force leaders in honor of Pride Month, Austin and Milley informed the Air Force that Pentagon policy does not support funding drag shows on military bases, prompting the show’s cancellation or relocation.

Drag Shows on Military Bases: A Controversial Issue:

In recent months, drag shows and events on military bases have sparked political controversy, with conservative politicians and pundits arguing against the use of taxpayer money for such events.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida raised concerns during a House Armed Services Committee hearing in March, questioning Austin and Milley about drag queen story hours taking place on bases in various locations worldwide.

Pentagon’s Response and Directive:

Defense Secretary Austin clarified during the hearing that the Department of Defense does not fund drag queen story hours. General Milley expressed his lack of awareness about these events and disapproval of their occurrence on military bases.

This stance was reiterated in the recent decision to halt the drag show at Nellis Air Force Base.

According to an Air Force official, in line with Secretary Austin’s testimony, the Air Force will not host drag events at its installations or facilities. Commanders have been directed to either cancel or relocate these events to off-base locations.

The decision aligns with the DoD Joint Ethics Regulation and ensures that federally funded facilities are used appropriately and in line with the department’s resources.

Cancellation of the Nellis Drag Show:

The Nellis drag show, scheduled for Thursday, was met with a directive from the base commander to either cancel or move the event off base.

While the show had previously taken place at Nellis AFB during Pride Month in 2021 under the name “Drag-u-Nellis,” the decision was made to ensure compliance with the new guidance.

The Intent of Prior Drag Shows at Nellis:

The 2021 “Drag-u-Nellis” show at Nellis AFB was organized with the intention of promoting inclusivity and diversity, according to a spokesperson for the base.

However, the recent decision reflects a shift in policy and a commitment to aligning military installations with Pentagon directives.

Congressional Inquiry and Request for Information:

Representative Gaetz sent a letter to Secretary Austin and General Milley, listing six instances of drag shows or events taking place on bases or with the approval of the U.S. military.

Gaetz requested information about these events and sought clarity on whether any punitive action would be taken against individuals who used taxpayer funds for these activities.

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  1. I guess Kabuki theater is also out of the question?
    Straight Men have dressing like women for shows since almost the beginning of time. It seems to be that before we can object to a drag show, we need to know the content, just because a man dresses like a woman does not always means to be obscene or even gay.
    Maybe Gaetz should be more concerned about the friends he keeps and the ages of the women he shags instead of trying to be more holy that thou. Amazing anybody would consider sending that drunken corrupt pedophile to congress

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