Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s Fed Up with Cancel Culture After Her Countless Scandals

Whoopi Goldberg appears to be coming to her own defense after landing herself in hot water several times on The View.

On the Monday, March 27, episode, the star and her cohosts were discussing cancel culture, as Mississippi news anchor Barbie Bassett has been temporarily removed from her gig after reciting Snoop Dogg’s lyrics on air.

Bassett being forced to step down from her position didn’t sit well with Goldberg, and she insisted the country needs to calm down when it comes to political correctness.

“Y’all need to make a book. There has to be a book of stuff that nobody can ever say, ever, ever, ever. Include everything,” she stated on the morning show. “The things that change, you can say this, but you can’t say that, but next week you might not be able to say this, it’s hard to keep up.”

“And if you’re a person of a certain age, there’s stuff we do, and we say … You know what I’m saying!” the actress, 67, emphasized to the crowd. “And you have no idea until somebody says, ‘Oh, by the way, [that’s not OK] …’ Just because we’re on television, doesn’t mean we know everything. We don’t know everything you’re not supposed to do.”

“And if there is something someone says, if you’re not going to give them the opportunity to explain why they said it, at least give them the grace of saying ‘you know what, I’ve just been informed that I should not of done that,’ as opposed to ‘you’re out.’ Because saying ‘you’re out’ means you don’t want to hear what people have to say or the mistakes that they might have made could have helped somebody else not make that mistake.”

Like Goldberg — who had to issue an apology after using a racial slur on the show earlier this month — Bassett has endured trouble before. Her most recent mishap occurred while discussing Snoop Dogg, as she said the lyrics, “Fo shizzle, my nizzle,” with the latter being a slang term for the n-word.

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  1. How about we allow full freedom of expression/opinion UNLESS the expression is to promote violence and strife and /or the person use demeaning language to express such an opinion.
    We are all quite capable of expressing criticism and disapproval without the need to use the N word or similar. Freedom of speech does not means you are free from responsibility or consequences for your words.
    Same rule should apply to ALL races and groups. If we all agree I do not get to use the N or the F word, nobody gets to use it because they are a different race.

  2. Whoopi is cancel culture. How many people has she and the rest of the hens of The View tried to cancel because they don’t agree with her and the other cluckers?! She just needs to go away if she wants to end cancel culture.

  3. Why does this person have a Jewish last name and doesn’t support the Jewish ways of life or heritage!?!

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